mikrokosmos ~ In The Heart Of The Home.
Track Listing:

1. Me-Oh- My
2. Autumn’s Wheel
3. Bone For The Dog
4. Where Now Earthman
5. Interlude
6. A Wish Is Just A Wish
7. The Cloud Bed
8. Digging A Hole
9. Heart Of The Home
10. The Bomb Circle
11. Hide In The Home
12. Gilding The Lily
13. Calling Down The Moon
14. Hold Like Mother’s Hand
15. Rest Be Forever

Running time: 56.05 mins

IRCD 001 CD in jewel case, eight page booklet on quality matt paper.

This album has had a long gestation. Recorded on to eight track reel-to-reel in the winter of 1994/1995 at the mysterious Corridor in West London, believed to be the smallest studio in the capital if not the country, Europe or indeed the World.*

The building flooded in the autumn of 1995 and the tapes disappeared. The studio denied throwing them out in the clear up claiming they were ‘washed away’. However in the summer of 1997 a package arrived at The Corridor addressed to mikrokosmos. All the reels were intact, although many were water damaged. No note of explanation was enclosed.

The tapes were carefully restored and taken to Apollo 8, in the Surrey suburbs where the songs were transferred to one inch 24 track and mixed by Tim Smith and mikrokosmos in the autumn of 1997.

Although complete the album was never released, the masters were put away and forgotten for another nine years. Not until the winter of 2006 were they dusted down, mastered and handed to Ignatia Recordings for release.

* “It was a tall five story building but only six foot wide…the whole thing…supposedly built over an ancient tributary on the Goldhawk road. In the past it had been a milliner’s and had a tiny shop front on the ground floor where presumably the hats were displayed. There was an old wooden spiral staircase up the middle, little more than a fireman’s pole. It’s still there…just after the Goldhawk Pub next to a massage parlour… It was so noisy it was difficult to work some days. Digging a Hole was recorded while workman dug up the road outside, hence the title and the pneumatic drill solo in the middle.” mikrokosmos

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