mikrokosmos ii ~ The Seven Stars.
Track Listing:

1. Horsy Said
2. Little Black Wood
3. The Whirring Ions
4. Worm Of Worry
5. Mr. Golds
6. The Seven Stars
7. Winters Wheel
8. Sentinels
9. Demons
10. Ions Reprise
11. Dark/Warm
12. Steven In The Night
13. Damn The Years
14. Drink With God
15. There’s Nothing Wrong
  (The Seven Stars Coda)

Running time: 44.44 mins

IRCD 002 CD in jewel case, eight page fold out cover on quality matt paper.

This is the second mikrokosmos album. It comprises a collection of songs written and recorded by mikrokosmos between 1993 and 1995 on 8-track at The Corridor, Shepherds Bush, West London. These songs were forgotten and the tapes left to moulder in a cardboard box for nearly a decade until in the winter of 2006 they were transferred onto digital 16-track, many unfinished, a handful ready to mix. mikrokosmos was privileged to be able to engage the services of The Legendary Joanne Spratley of ‘Spratleys Japs’ who agreed to add her beautiful voice to the clutch of unfinished songs. Overdubbing and mixing were completed at Wosps Nest, Wiltshire, England 2007.

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