mikrokosmos ~ Terra Familiar.
Track Listing:

1. Terra Familiar
2. A Mother Wall
3. Navigating the Labyrinth
4. Them
5. This Moment
6. Everything Folds
7. Terra Planes
8. An Army Of Needles
9. The Son

Running time: 44.20 mins

IRCD 004 CD in jewel case, eight page booklet on quality gloss paper.

These songs represent the last but by no means least of the early 1990s 'lost' Corridor recordings and a clutch of later compositions written in 2001. Transferred during The Seven Stars sessions at Wosps Nest Wiltshire in 2007, completed and mixed at Aurum Studios East Sussex, winter 2013/14. Terra Familiar draws mikrokosmosí protracted journey to a magnificent close.
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